National Memorial Day Parades 2019 In NYC, Washington DC, Atlanta, NYC, Chicago & Boston Guide

Memorial Day Parades 2019:-  Every Year, we American People honour our martyrs on last Monday of May by celebrating Memorial Day. It is a day dedicated to the fallen heroes who died in service of the country from The American Revolution War to till date. The day is celebrated in the whole countrywide with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. People go to cemeteries and organise speech ceremonies there.

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Memorial Day 2019 Parades

Memorial Day Parades

People also clean and decorate the grave with Poppy and wreath. People say thanx to the sacrifice of the martyrs in many ways. Some offer flower and foods to the families of the martyrs.

Memorial Day Parades 2019

There are also many other things that we do on the long weekend holiday. In many parts of the country, massive and majestic Memorial Day Parades are organised. hundreds of thousands of people join and watch these parades from home and Live. It is a great moment of proud and culture for the whole country.

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Washington DC, Atlanta, NYC, Chicago and Boston hold some of the Grandest Memorial Day Parades in the country. This year Memorial Day will be celebrated from May 26 to 28 in the country.

  1. Memorial Day Parade Washington DC:- The Parade is organised by American Veterans Center and World War 2 Veterans Committee. This year the parade will complete its 14th anniversary. On this day many events also take place in the city. Memorial Day Concert in District Capitol at Constitution Avenue, Rolling Thunder Race, Memorial Day Speech ceremonies and war exhibitions will be held on Memorial Day in Washington DC. Check: Memorial Day Speeches 2019
  2. Memorial Day Parade Chicago:- The Beautifull city of Chicago is at its best at this time of the year. Navy Pear Fireworks is one of the best attraction on Memorial Day Weekend. Chicago Culture Mile Association organises Annual Ceremony in memory of General John A. Logan. One can enjoy the Lake Michigan, Culture shows and concerts, Memorial Day Sale in Chicago at the weekend too. Check: Memorial Day Poems 2019
  3. Memorial Day Parade New York City(NYC):- This Year New York City will organise 151 Annual Memorial Day Parade. The Parade will commence from 78th avenue and will end at John Paul Jones Park. The city will organise some of the best Memorial Day Concerts, Art concerts and gallery and wreath-laying ceremony at the National Cemeteries. One can join all things for free of charge on the Memorial Day Weekend.  Also Read: Memorial Day Thank You Quotes
  4. Memorial Day Parade Atlanta:- Memorial Day Weekend in Atlanta is full of family fun and activities. The city never ceases to amuse by the invigorating concerts, food and beer. Roswell City Hall Complex holds one of the largest Memorial Day ceremonies in Georgia. The Ceremony includes wreath-laying, 21 gun salute and patriotic music on Monday.
  5. Memorial Day Parade Boston:- Flag Garden in Boston is turned red with more than 37000 flags each dedicated to Martyrs of Massachusetts. Cambridge Veterans Organisation and Cambridge Department of Veterans Service will organise Memorial Day Parade and Observation. One can go and visit the USS Constitution Museum and Museum of Fine Arts. This Year Boston Calling Music Festival and many other concerts will be organised here too. Check: Memorial Day Facts
  6. Memorial Day Parade Gettysburg, Pennsylvania:- The city has the tradition of holding Memorial Day Parades by more than 150 years. The Parade starts at Lefever street and will proceed through Baltimore street and will end at Soldiers National Cemetery. The Memorial Day Ceremony starts at 3.00 pm by taking the National Moment of Remembrance.
  7. Memorial Day Parade Los Angeles(LA):- The city holds one of the grandest Memorial Day Ceremony here. Having fun at the beach is the best way to kick off summer here. The Memorial Day Parade begins at the Corner of Sherman Street and ends at First Baptist Church Cozycroft. Many music festivals and concerts are also organised to honour the veterans and families of the martyrs.

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These are some of the best places to enjoy Memorial Day weekend and watch The Memorial Day Parades and march.

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