Interesting Memorial Day Facts & Trivia About History Of Memorial Monday

By | May 10, 2022

Memorial Day Facts:- Once a year, we celebrate memorial day in respect to the fallen heroes who died serving in the United States Armed Forces. Many are there who still don’t know Facts About Memorial Day. This day has some interesting fun facts about the history of its date and much more. That’s why we have decided to provide you with some information about Facts on Memorial Day Trivia so you can be aware of this honored day. Out of these 15 facts, some are Memorial Day Fun Facts to share with every American.

Memorial Day Facts & Trivia About History Of Memorial Monday

The celebration of this holiday goes back to the Civil War. Here we have collected some simple facts about Memorial Day so you can brush up on your general knowledge. There are some 15 fun facts about Memorial day history and we hope that you will get some interesting things from our site. Let’s check out these famous Memorial Day Facts.

It is also known as Decoration Day, Commemoration Day, and Remembrance Day.

  • Anna Jarvis was the first woman who made the effort to declare this day a National Holiday.
  • General John A. Logan was the first man to call an official proclamation regarding the celebration of Decoration Day annually and nationwide.
  • Initially, it was celebrated on May 30 for a long duration. Later American Congress passed a federal law that the last Monday of May month will be celebrated as Memorial Day.
  • Memorial Day gives a 3 day weekend holiday to the Federal employees.
  • Memorial Day comes near the start of the summer season in the United States of America.
  • The Flag of the United States of America has been raised at half-staff until noon on Memorial Day. Afternoon it is raised to top staff.
  • In Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C., some of the grandest Parades are organized.
  • Poppies are also believed to be sacred to this day. They represent that like poppies, the American hero will stay hidden for years and will rise again when his country needs him.
  • Memorial Day is also famous for traffic jams in the country on the weekend. More than 50 million people are on road this day.
  • Since 1976, every year on Memorial Day weekend a PGA Golf Tournament is organized.
  • There are also many other fun things that are organized for this holiday. Motorcycle Parade named Rolling Thunder Run, NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 Race, and Indianapolis 500 Miles Race is some of the things that are organized in many parts of the country to honor the martyrs.
  • In Washington D.C. there is a rock concert is organized in respect of the martyrs. It is also broadcasted on TV.
  • The first Memorial Day Speech was given by James Abram Garfield in 1868 at Arlington National Cemetary.

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